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Frida Throw Pillow Cover Tan 18.5 x 16 in. #FCT

Frida Throw Pillow Cover Tan 18.5 x 16 in. #FCT


The throw pillow cover features wonderful living organisms and iconic Mexican imagery surrounding Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. From left to right, there are three unique painted butterflies, two flying parrots on the forefront of two vines, Mexican "Milagros" in the shape of a house, a rooster, and an eye, the roots of a plant, an Aztec clay statue, and two painted tinted ornaments inspired by the "Mexican bingo game"--"Las Jaras" and "Mi Corazon." At the feet of Frida an array of colorful flowers adorn the pillow.

Decorate your home or office with this wonderful Frida throw pillow. Also available in white.

- 1 Cotton Pillow Cover
- 18.5 x 16 in.
- No Insert
- Handmade
- Machine Washable
- Zipper closure

Wash in cold water at a gentle cycle or hand wash recommended. Do not use bleach. Dry flat or hang to dry.

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